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All registered EIDR Industry Promoters and Contributors are encouraged to utilize Zendesk to file support tickets, to learn about new policies and to keep track of the latest announcements. We also have a forum in which you can post questions, submit ideas for upcoming features, and initiate/participate in discussions with fellow users. If you are interested in upgrading your EIDR membership, please email us at membership@eidr.org, or contact your EIDR representative. For additional questions regarding EIDR, please email us at support@eidr.org, or call us at 1-877-620-EIDR. International callers can also reach us at: +1 610-293-6333. Phone support is available from 8 AM to 8 PM (ET), Monday through Friday.


EIDR Helpdesk and Support Forums

Dianne Zoccola February 2, 2015 General Support Forums / Announcements

September 2016

September 2---Early Release for Labor Day Weekend (EIDR Support unavailable after 2 PM ET)

September 5---Labor Day Holiday (EIDR Support unavailable)

September 17---Possible Downtime (TBA)

September 21---EIDR Training, 10 AM ET

September 22---EIDR Training, 3 PM ET


October 2016

October 15---Possible Downtime (TBA)

October 19---EIDR Training, 10 AM ET

October 20---EIDR Training, 3 PM ET


November 2016

November 12---Possible Downtime (TBA)

November 16---EIDR Training, 10 AM ET

November 17---EIDR Training, 3 PM ET

November 24---Thanksgiving Holiday (EIDR Support unavailable)

November 25---Company Holiday (EIDR Support unavailable)


December 2016

December 10---Possible Downtime (TBA)

December 14---EIDR Training, 10 AM ET

December 15---EIDR Training, 3 PM ET

December 23---Christmas Holiday EIDR Support unavailable)

December 26---Company Holiday (EIDR Support unavailable)

December 30---New Year's Eve Holiday (EIDR Support unavailable)

Erin Lulevitch March 27, 2012 General Support Forums / Announcements

Our customer support team is here to help.  Email us at support@eidr.org, or call us at 1-877-620-EIDR. International callers can also reach us at: +1 610-293-6333.

If you’re planning on registering a large amount of records (more than 1000), please let us know so we can develop a processing schedule.


Joshua Fields Aug 30 General Support Forums / Announcements

The recent security warnings encountered by some of our clients when accessing the EIDR Registry have been resolved. The root cause was an expired SSL certificate. The EIDR Web UI and tool-based EIDR SDK integrations continued to operate correctly during this time, but direct REST API integrations and customized SDK integrations required special error handling. With the updated security certificate applied to our Registry servers, all integration clients are now returned to normal operations. This was an unusual situation that is not expected to recur in the future. We will discuss this in more detail on the next scheduled TWG call, September 20. 


We apologize for the inconvenience and any service interruption you may have encountered.



--EIDR Operations and Support Team

Joshua Fields Aug 26 General Support Forums / Announcements

The refresh of the EIDR testing, training and pre-flight system (sandbox1.eidr.org) is now complete, and the sandbox UI (Sandbox.ui.eidr.org) is now available for use. Please let us know if you experience any issues.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and we thank you for your patience.

-- The EIDR operations and support team

Joshua Fields Aug 24 General Support Forums / Announcements

The EIDR testing, training and pre-flight system (sandbox1.eidr.org) will be unavailable Friday, August 26, 2016, from 8:30 AM (ET) until approximately 12:30 PM (ET) to refresh with the latest production data.  The sandbox UI (sandboxui.eidr.org) will be available, but will be unusable during that time. Note that the production system is unaffected by this process and will remain fully available.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

-- The EIDR operations and support team